8040 N. Wickham Road  -  Melbourne, FL 32940  |  Phone: 321- 757-7272

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Atlantic Surgery and Laser Center: About Us

Atlantic Eye MD has opened a medically advanced surgery center in the Suntree area of Melbourne, Florida. Under the directorship of Dr. Frederick Ho, eye surgeons will operate with state of the art technology on patients receiving treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and strabismus. Eyelid surgery, implants of multi-focal lenses and pterigium membranes as well as corneal transplants will be performed during the first phase of operations at the Surgery Center. Future operational phases will also accommodate non-ophthalmic surgery.

The new Surgery Center is conveniently located adjacent to Atlantic Eye’s examination and treatment complex at 8040 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, Florida.

Recovery“We now offer patients comprehensive, concentrated, coordinated eye care,” said Dr. Ho. “Continuity of care is a key component of successful treatments as well as a key element of our personalized eye care.”

Personalized Eye Care has been Dr. Ho’s professional credo since 1987 when he opened his office in Brevard County.

Actualization of the credo begins with a patient’s initial interaction with the office staff. Like the examination and treatment complex, the Surgery Center is well-managed by nice, friendly and helpful people.

“Our office management staff is dedicated to providing each patient with the best possible experience whether it’s examinations, treatment or surgery,” stated Dr. Ho.

The medical support staff is competent and experienced. Not only are they experienced in every surgical procedure but they also know what to do, as a team and individually, to customize a surgical experience.

Recovery“A personalized approach to surgery involves a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s particular condition and specifically addressing individual needs,” said Dr. Ho. “This is how exceptional outcomes are achieved.”

In addition to human resources, Atlantic Eye Surgery Center has acquired advanced laser and computer technology featuring superior speed, precision and reliability. Surgeons operate with state of the art instruments. The new facility exceeds surgery center standards of cleanliness, sterilization and sanitation.

“Even though the advanced technology in the Surgery Center is certainly impressive, our goals are clearly focused on patient experience,” emphasized Dr. Ho. “Everyone’s highest priority is providing personalized eye care for every patient of Atlantic Eye from diagnostic examination to complex treatment in the new Surgery Center.”


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